Science Competition Result

Class VIII ‘B’ (Science)

First:- Shivangi Singh

Second:-Shivani Kumari

Third:- Kriti Kumari

Class VIII ‘A’ (Science)

First:- Prashun Ranjan

Second:- Anjali Ranjan And Prachi Tiwari

Third:-Rishu Kumari

Class VII ‘A’

First:- Anshika Ranjan

Second:- Aprna Kumari

Third:- Rajlaxmi Ranjan

Class VII ‘B’

First :- Aditi

Second:- Shidhi Kumari

Third:- Sakshi Kumari

Class VII ‘C'(Scince)

First:- Shivam Misra

Second:- Anu Priya

Third:- Nishant Kumar

Class VII ‘C'(English)

First:- Nishant Kumar

Second:- Shiva, mishra

Third:- Rupam Kumar

Class VI A

First:- Sonakshi Kumari

Second:- Rajani Kumari

Third:- Mamta Kumari

Class IV (Science)

First:- Anshika Sharan

Second:- Aryan

Third:- Naitik Kumar

Forth:- Arpit (IV )

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